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A breast self-examination (BSE)

Brest Self- Exam, Why it is important and How to do it ?

Many Breast problems are first discovered by women themselves, remember the sooner you found it in early stage the easier to treat and cure the cancer.

A breast self-examination is  checking your breasts for lumps or changes while standing and lying in different positions and while looking at your breasts in a mirror to note any changes in their appearance. Once you know what your breasts normally look and feel like, any new lump or change in appearance should be evaluated by a doctor.

Breast self- exam.
The best time to examine your breasts is usually one week after your menstrual period begins because after period ends the breast will tend to have less tender and swollen.
To do a breast self-examination, remove all your clothes above the waist line. We will do two different way to check the cancer.

a. By eye.
Look at your breast in front of the mirror while you standing with your hands pressing firmly down on your hips. 
Look for lumps or the difference in size or shape. If there are any swelling or dimpling of skins. Slightly raise one arm, then the other, so you can check your underarm area for lumps.

b. By finger tips (index finger middle finger and ring finger)
With three finger tips close together gently check out each breast in one of these three patterns. 
Circle, left to right, up and down : See the picture

1.  From outside to nipple, press gently in small circular motions over the entire area of the breast.
2. Use different degrees of pressure—light, medium, and firm—to feel breast tissue at different levels in your breast. Be sure to check the whole breast, from your collarbone above your breast and down until you feel only ribs below your breast.
3. Use your thumb and index finger to squeeze  the nipple gently to see if there any fluid from nipple besides breast milk.

We recommend women over 20 years to do Breast Self Exam every month after the period around one week after. Actually breast can occur at any age, though it is most common in women. For the women over 40 we suggest to do the Mammogram along with the BSE.

If you found any of these changes( Warning Sign to watch during breast self exam) please do the clinique check with Doctor.

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