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12 Minutes Toning up Saggy Breast

After weight decrease there is the risk of sagging postpartum. These exercises technique can help build the pectoral muscles in the chest and will give your breasts a more toned and lifted look. Just three minutes per excercises.

Pushup 3 minutes.

The pushup is a basic body weight exercise that works the Pecs without having to drive to the gym or buy equipment.

1. For start place your knee on the floor. 
2.  Face down position on the floor with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width distance, feet together behind you.

Bent knee push up for breast firming

3 .Keeping your back straight and abs tight, push yourself up until your arms are fully extended.
4. Slowly lower yourself back down by bending your arms and stop when your chest is right above the floor.
5.  Push yourself back up in a steady motion and repeat.


Pullovers  3 minutes.
Pullovers work the chest with small dumbbell.
1.  Lie face up on a flat bench and hold the weight vertically above your chest with your hands overlapped on the inside of one end.
2. Keeping a slight bend in your elbows, lower the weight down behind your head in an arcing motion until you feel a good stretch in your chest.
3. Move the dumbbell back to the starting point in a steady motion and repeat.

Chest Press  3 minutes.
This chest Press exercises work a muscle without lengthening or shortening it. The chest squeeze works the pecs from a standing or seated position.
1.  Begin by placing your palms together and moving your arms out in front of your body at chest height.
2.  Keeping a slight bend in your elbows, press your hands together forcefully and hold until you become fatigued.


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