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6 Harmful facts from wearing wire bra

Many of us may misunderstand that only wired bras help tone our breasts to be in a good shape.
In fact, we mislead by numerous bra manufactures that create tons of wired bra's style into market. Many women had been chosen to buy and use just wired bra because they think wired bra is the best choice for them. 

Actually there are harmful facts that you need to concern when wearing wire bra. Picture of women Breast Below show the Female breasts tissue. The Lymphatic system. Lymph glands or lymph nodes is functioned to fight infection and drain away waste toxins which the body consume from food, water, air, cosmetic, medicines and etc. when the breast are tighten by a wired bra, the process to eliminate toxin is interrupted. Those toxins would cumulative in our breast and cause a breast cancer in the future.

How tight wire bra effect your breast?
1.   Wired bra decreases movement of rib and midriff, decreased the efficiency of heart and lungs performance. We can see that when you wear wired bra for a long period of time will make you easily to get tired
2. Wearing a tight fitting wired bra may effected to the digestive system by narrow our esophagus then our stomach's digest complex carbohydrates food less efficiency.
3. Wearing a too tight wired bra for a period of time is not a good idea because it will hurt the center of your chest that would harmful the heart and blood circulate function.


4. Wearing a wired bra generating electricity from body heat more than necessary.
5. Wearing a wired bra too tight creates harm to blood flow circulation between the upper part and the lower part of the body.
6. In addition, bra's wires interrupt lymphatic system that filtered out the waste toxins from our body. When the lymphatic system is not working efficiently, our body can’t remove the toxins properly, the toxins will cause a severe decease later on.

Girls! you don't have to throw away all of your wired bras yet !! . 

We have a tips for you see alternative   Ideas of wearing a wire Bra and Strapless bra.


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