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Breast massage to reduce bust size article

How to do breast massage to reduce bust size naturally.


If you are too big bust girly !! Don't worry coz there is a way to reduce your bust size to the be beutiful one naturally.

Good news for too big bust girls, you can do breast massage to reduce excess fat tissue from you bust and reduce bust size to the most beautiful busts you never have.


1) After shower, dry up your body with towel and use middle finger and ring finger lade some small amount of bust reducing cream (See Band ), about one piece of red bean, and warm up cream (to help it permeate into your skin easily) by rubbing your hands. Next, use your right hand to apply bust cream over your left bud and avoid touching the nipple.ust reduce cream Bust reduce gel

Reduce bust massage

2) Start breast massage the left bust first by using your right hand and massage by circle moving from inside to outside of the busts shown as the figure above. Every time you move your hand pass over the busts basement, you should hold up your buds (as indicated by arrow) about 15 times/side).

Next, don’t change the manner, please use your left hand, and remain with breast enhancing cream, to apply the bust reducing cream over the right buds follow up the same manner. Please massage by circle moving from outside to inside of the right buds. You should perform the same buds massaging method for about 15 times/side so that both of your buds would be reducing similarly and equally.

firmming big bust massage
3) Next step, put your right hand on the left buds above the nipple and move up for 15 times then put your left hand on the right bust and glove up (as indicated by arrow) for 15 times as well.

Reduce big boobs to firmming breasts

4) Then, lade some more cream .Put you hand next to the nipple and massage to bust   (see the indicated arrow) and repeat these steps for 15 times. If you start from left buds, just lade some more busts cream and massage the right boobs with the same manner.

Please massage one-by-one direction as it is easy to remember how many times of massage cycle. To lade up the bust reducing cream just a little amount and warm up before use will help the buds cream permeate into the skin rapidly and efficiency.


Big boobs can be firmed

The result after 3 months continously


1) Try to massage both buds with the same cycle number in order to obtain equal bud size. Hover, just in case, you have unbalance bust size, you can provide more massage on the bigger bust. Someone may massage the bigger bust till getting the same bust size then massage both busts simultaneously. It is a good idea though.
2) You should not massage your busts harshly, please press massaging weight moderately to obtain effective result.
3) During bust massage, try to avoid touching the nipple with cream. If touch, please wipe up.
4) After massage, don’t hurry up ware bra immediately. Please wait till the bust creams is permeated into the breast skin completely.
5) To obtain 100% outcome, please massage your busts daily in the morning and evening for 3 months so that you can observe some improvement.
6) You should not apply bust reducing cream or gel together with other body lotions as this may cause irritation. All of these steps shall take time and need to perform continuously. Then you can observe that your boobs size increase.






To get beautiful bust by natural way we recommend 

1) Breast massage with Natural breast cream contains 100% natural ingredients such as wheat germ extract.

เพิ่มหน้าอก              natural bust cream

Breast massage to get bigger boobs by natural / Natural breast enlarge cream  recomended

2) Choose good bra and wear it right way and right size.

bigger bust natural bigger busts natural see bra VS bust

3) Often perform breast exercis.

breast execise see breast excercise tips

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Opinion No. 1 (137249)
hi. i don't ware any bras and my bust are growing too big for me now. one is not firm enough so am thinking that the other one is going to look same way. i love my breast more than any part of my body because i always think they look nyc, young and firm, i want to buy breast reducing cream. is it really going to work? and the is it going to change the look on my skin because i wouldn't want that. and also, does not wearing a bra have anything to do with them growing big? should i start trying to wear a bra, and if i reduce them now, are they going to stay small even after i stop using the cream? this is very important to me please reply i need to know and am worried. thank you
By vicky Date 2011-02-06 11:23:32

Opinion No. 2 (144803)
For you case, I know wearing Bra may cause uncomforable feeling but  to save a nice tone shape of Breast  I recomend you to wear a functional Bra because the big breast need a bra to support.
Bra can help prevent a saggy breast.

Actually Women with Big Breast need to take care their boobs more than the smaller one. The quick result is to control the food , Breast massage and do the breast firming excercise. I dont want you to do breast reducing in a short period because it will cause your skin sagging. Reducing Breast massage can help you with in three months. please click here to see detail of Breast reduction naturally.

For you case I recomend you to wear a functional Bra because the big breast need a bra to support. Bra can help prevent a saggy breast.
I hope my answer is help.
By Jamie (girlysociety2-at-gmail-dot-com)Date 2013-04-30 18:42:55

Opinion No. 3 (144821)


  May i know the cost of the product-Breast reducing gel.....I would like to reduce my brest its big...Kindly afford me a price..if its confortable for me i would like to bu

By Kavitha Date 2013-05-13 17:18:42

Opinion No. 4 (144822)


  May i know the cost of the product-Breast reducing gel.....I would like to reduce my brest its big...Kindly afford me a price..if its confortable for me i would like to buy

By monika Date 2013-05-13 17:19:20

Opinion No. 5 (144833)

The Breast reducing gel Normal price is 69 USD per Jar but now we have a promotion. Price reduce to 63 USD. Please click the link below here to see details.

By Jamie Date 2013-05-22 11:17:26

Opinion No. 6 (144858)

 i like your prodect pleas send me your contect no.

By neelam (nilam-dot-mehta001-at-gmail-dot-com)Date 2013-06-12 23:48:40

Opinion No. 7 (144897)


Is there any effective customer who used this product and found 100% satisfaction...for breast reducing product.

By rosebano Date 2013-07-01 17:51:09

Opinion No. 8 (144903)



Yes,  the customer in US who applied the Bust Reducing Gel send us a thank you note and tell us how they appreciate with the result. The link below are the sample of customer feedback please feel free to contact me if you need further inquiry

 Feed breast reducing Gel

Feedback from customer

Best Regards,





By jamie (girlysociety2-at-gmail-dot-com)Date 2013-07-08 12:26:49

Opinion No. 9 (145074)


I like this product please send me contact details so that I can place an order.

By zoe Date 2013-11-22 20:12:19

Opinion No. 10 (145199)

 I like this product please sent me contact details so that i can place an order

By by Date 2014-04-19 19:16:19

Opinion No. 11 (145260)

Refer to your question on our web. The bust Reducing product have three formula

Cream Extra cream and Gel


The Bust Reducting cream( Click to read info and place the order) is the  have detail as here . You will need to do bust masage as we give you instruction  Breast to reduce the bust size.

The Bust Reducing  Gel ( Click to read info and place the order)  is provide the fastest way to reduce the bust size. Gel will rich with the texture so it's not require daily massage as the Cream and Extra cream

After continuous the product for 3 months and strictly follow our advice. I am sure  you will get the satisfy result. 

 The payment can be done through paypal, money transfer or Credit card. which you will see the detail of the payment option after click shopping the product .Please let me know if there anything I can help you.

By Jamie Date 2014-07-17 11:01:59

Opinion No. 12 (145261)

Question about payment

Thank you very much for interesting in our product. The Bust reducing have three formula. Click at the picture to see product detail and start shopping.

About the payment Your can pay through Paypal, Credit Card ( Visa or Master ) or Money Transfer through Western Union.

After you choose the product in shopping page the web will link you to the payment gateway. Which are very convenient for all customer.

All shipment will receive postal tracking number and the web report for all customer to check the delivery status.

By Jamie Date 2014-07-17 11:30:29

Opinion No. 13 (145311)

 plz tell me about the price and way to place the order

By kavita (bhindadhatt-at-gmail-dot-com)Date 2014-08-23 00:03:34

Opinion No. 14 (156762)

 Plz tell me the price and way to the order this product


 Plz tell me the price and way to the order this product





By monika Date 2016-02-02 20:19:16

Opinion No. 15 (156854)

 I just liked it...I just thought of seeing these websites for women...and it is nice ...axtuaalii great ..👍👍

By kilad Date 2016-04-18 00:35:54

Opinion No. 16 (156855)

 I just liked it...I just thought of seeing these websites for women...and it is nice ...axtuaalii great ..👍👍

By kilad Date 2016-04-18 10:21:17

Opinion No. 17 (156921)


my daughter was only 13 years old ,her breast growing very faster her physique was thin but her bust size is 32inches,

she do this massage ,weather it help her please tellme.....


By 8428769052 Date 2016-06-13 15:51:32

Opinion No. 18 (157212)
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By cartier white gold love bracelet copy (ucdars-at-gmail-dot-com)Date 2016-09-26 07:50:04

Opinion No. 19 (157403)
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Opinion No. 20 (157408)
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By replica tag heuer website (qhckdo-at-gmail-dot-com)Date 2016-11-23 14:51:47

Opinion No. 21 (164196)

Hi i can' t understand the 1 st massage step,  is it clockwise or anticlockwise? 



By Sor Date 2017-02-05 14:01:00

Opinion No. 22 (164459)

 He i am not understand for 1st step ,it is clockwise  or anti clockwise .

By Date 2017/08/12 Date 2017-08-12 20:36:10

Opinion No. 23 (164491)

 Hi hello I wan become small my breast how can u help me can ah 

By Thamil (thamilarasi1992-at-yahoo-dot-com )Date 2017-08-22 00:16:31

Opinion No. 24 (164944)

 Hi ,i cannot understand your 1st step for breast reduction massage ,clockwise or anticlockwise 

By Crystal Date 2018-06-06 17:54:25


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