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Plastosein USER REVIEW
Natural bust cream
bust enlarge gel
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Plasto sein natural bust cream
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Natural breast cream review article

Natural breast cream review

Natural breast cream review  Natural breast cream review

Feedback from natural breast cream Plastosein users

bigger bust now
Thank you photo from Pim

My Name is Pim I used to applied other Breast enlargement products before but never satisfied with the result. Since  I know girlysociety, It had introduce me an effective product that best suit with me now I got the bigger breast and can fulfill my requirement. Thanksful girlysociety, PIM

Natural breast cream Thank you photo from Roxxy

See Plastosein breast enlarge gel 1

See all girlysociety breast care products


ordered Natural breast cream Plastosein gel1 and got it Aug6th,10. For15 days, I feel better, I can see bigger breasts. It is better than surgery. I feel happy safety and it is worth for money. Post : Roxxy sent via e-mail

137952 : I used extra cream1, It’s work. I can feel that my breast is bigger. I will buy second jar soon

Post : Tip Date : 18-01-2011 IP : 


137825 : Hi, I used Gel2 just only few weeks. It’s so effective. I think, I will use another Gel2 before using enlarged gel.


Post : Pantipa  Date : 07-01-2011 IP :


Thank you  photo from Nam


After using Bust enlarge gel1, I measured my breast size but not found any change in term of figure. The thing that make me happy are feeling more firm and more beautiful shape of my bust. Now I can wear 34” bra with out any enhance materials.


Posted by : Nam  sent via e-mail


Thank you photo from Ae


So happy with Plastosein at 46years old
I Started with Plastosein firming cream since 1992 (Today I use gel2) I’m so impressive coz my breasts are not sagging till today.


Post by : Ae sent via e-mail




(Push up bra with thick push up pads)
Normally I wear push up bra with very thick push up pads created speical for small-bust girls only. I've use Plasto-sein enlarge cream formula 1 for 1 month already. I can feel that my busts are bigger. Now I'm nor sure that the bras becomes obstracle of my bust enhancement or not?? If yes?? How can I do??Do I need to change whole lot of my bras or not??

Post : littlebear Date : 2009-04-26 03:47:40 IP :

 (3 jars already)

Hello, I already use 3 jars and starting the 4th jar today. Now my breast is bigger around 2"(from 31 to 33" still surprise) Actually the breasts shown bigger results since I strart the2nd jar.Now I'm not sure how many jar, I should use??)Post : Bowling Date : 2009-03-17 13:48:11 IP :

 comment20 (2976772)
(2 jars already.... It works, before using it, my busts size was cup A but now is cup B ha ha ha ... I'so happy) Post : 111 Date : 2009-02-25 15:04:43 IP :

comment19 (2976667)
(It is very good, I've used both formulas, the breasts grow up from cup A. now I use up 4-5 jars already. My cup is "C". It is very satisfied)
Post :The one who get success Date : 2009-02-25 11:50:31 IP :


 Now I'm 3, 156cm hight 45 km weight, never have a baby I wil try Enlargement gel of Plasto-sein coz it is popular in Thailand. I expect faster results comparing with others. Moreover no need to massage. The ingredients made from natural. This will be safty. I will tell you the results 3 months later Post: Nok

(Start working)



(I finished 2 jars already, just beginning the3rd one. Ye Ye Ye They are get real bigger. Are they growing up and up and up?? If I continue use the cream more than3??)
            Post : Saramg Date : 2009-02-10 15:52:22 IP :

(If I use for 3 months, get bigger busts and ok for the size. Can I stop using? If I stop? The size will be the same??) Post : Just wanna know Date : 2009-02-10 12:03:28 IP :

Enlarge now!!!...

I use Plastosein enlarge gel formula1 for a month already. I can see the result. My breasts are bigger than before. I already do breast massage by hands and water everyday as the web recommended. I also do soya milk by myself and drink it everyday to nourish busts both in and outside Post : Princess Date : 2009-01-27 13:20:45 IP :

I'm not sure
I'm 21 now, I'm not sure that my busts are bigger or not? but I can feel more tight.I'm using the 2nd jar. I will try to continue breast massage together Post : Sarang Date : 2009-01-22 17:52:17 IP : 

Now I use for 2 months already, still have 1 jar left. I try my best to do breast massage as well. I want to see quickly result. My breasts are better from very small busts. But it not enough as I expected. I think I need more. How many jar I should have?? My size is 30" but I want 34" 55555 Is it too high expectation?? How about just 32", please help me. I really want it Post : ap Date : 2008-12-27 16:10:25 IP : 

I use Plasto-sein almost a month, my busts are 1" bigger Wow! I'm so happy.
Post : Pui Date : 2008-12-11 20:20:02 IP :

I use for 1 jar already, I can feel that my busts are better shape, and bigger but I want more bigger. Do you have special price coz I want to continue using the eanlarge gel Post : GingDate : 2008-10-03 16:45:56 IP : 


comment2 (2949185) Thank you. Oh Ho I can see the results very fast. I just use few days Post : Pui Date : 2008-12-12 19:07:52 IP :

I just bought for 2 weeks, it is real bigger but I apply with only one side of my bust. I want the small one get bigger till get same size with other. Then I will start massage both Post : K Date : 2008-12-04 12:03:50 IP :


Hellow girlsociety team)

I used up 1 jar, The results clreary shown. My husband said the busts are bigger and more beautiful. I will use more. Post: Nussara 2008-11-07 19:13:28
comment4 (2930017)

Now I use Plastosein for 1 weeks, I can feel tight and strengthening. I used to given breast feeding that why my breasts are drooping. My guy said it is strengthen now. I'm so happy, will continue using

Post :  WA Date 2008-10-30 13:40:28

I used it already. Just used for 10days, feel like the busts are strengthen comparing with the past so sagging. Well it's work so I will continue using.

Post: Jatuporn Date 2008-10-26 21:20:16


1 jar already


(1 jar finish aleady. I can see the result my boy friend said they are bigger. I will buy 1 jar more. My busts are bigger and more strengthener. Thank you)

 (nuchsara207-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-th)  2008-10-22 10:57:47

It is work

 (I'm 23, busts have different size around 30", I heard about Plastosein before coz a friend of my mom used it. So I try. I use Plastosein enlarge cream formula1. Apply together with breast massage. Firstly, I can see any change. But I not  give up. I start with the small bust side first. now 2 sides are equal. I'm so happy. I will always use Plastosein. Now can see nice bust shape wearing sexy bras. It is depend on how often you do apply the cream with breast massage.

(Happy girl 2008-08-22 13:39:53


(Thank you plasto sang)


(Thank you Plastosang for helping enhance my busts. Marriage life is very happy now. My husband really like it. It is work)

(Nong Lek) ::  09-02-2008 19:51:47 2008-02-25 10:32:13



ความเห็นที่ 1 (1522290)

(Yes, same result. I used to have small busts but after use Gel1 my size is 35". My hasband are so happy and wanna see them everyday. He said "So sexy, big boops and full in one hand)

(Ann)09-02-20 2008-02-25 10:33:01
ความเห็นที่ 2 (1650520)

(Thank you plastosein, I used to have cup B size but after breast feeding for 1 year, my busts are smaller till cup A. Plastosein help me a lot. Right now I got my cup B. That is what I want)

(Ple) 2008-02-25 10:35:50


(I happy ordering from here. I used to buy from other web but it is more expensive. I use it and feel better even I'm 10 years older than you)

(small breast woman)2008-10-04 10:52:21

(Use up 2 jars and get 2 cm, is it too late)

(I used up 2 jars, get 2 cm is it too late?? please share your experience)


To get beautiful bust by natural way we recommend  1) Breast massage with Natural breast cream such as Natural bust cream contains 100% natural ingredients without sideeffects from horemone such as wheat germ extract or almond extract.

เพิ่มหน้าอก              natural bust cream

Breast massage to get bigger boobs by natural / Natural breast enlarge cream  recomended

2) Choose good bra and wear it right way and right size

bigger bust natural bigger busts natural

see bra VS bust

See all Girlysociety breasts care products

See Natural bust cream review

See How to takecare mom breast after breast feedding

See all Tip to get bigger bust

See Tip to get beauty breast

See tips to get firmming busts

See How to get healthy breasts

tips to enlarge bust size

Natural bust cream Plastosien

How to use Platosein bust cream more effectively. article
About Plastosien natural bust cream article
Breast care after getting bigger bust article
Reduce strech mark after breastfeeding article
Natural bust enhance gel for small breasts article


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