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Bust care after breast-feeding period

Bust care after breast-feeding period

It’s time for mother to perform busts care after breast-feeding period.

As above description, our busts consist of fat tissue and muscle. Especially, milk glands and fat tissue response in breast volume and shape. As the pregnancy start, breasts get enlarge wherein the blood vessel is clearly observed. The milk glands function in milk production so buds size increases.

During breast-feeding, milk contains fat from fat tissue continuously throughout breast-feeding period so we don’t feel that our breast become smaller and softer along with the connective tissue work too hard in carrying breast weight so it get loosen resulting in sagging and drooping down.

Thus, we should hurry up perform breast care as soon as we finish breast-feeding and before our breast get smaller and sagging down until it is hard to get recovery.

1) Always perform breast exercising twice daily.

2) Resolve sagging problem by breast massage in order to lift up and firm your busts-booming. You should use lifting breast cream with massage and the most important gimmick is breast exercising. After providing enough nourishment to your connective tissue in your bud, then go to the next step

2) Apply nourishing breast cream to enlarge your buds size or return to the same size. Food is also important, normally new mom often concentrate on weight gain problem and hurry up start diet firstly by fasting all food after breast-feeding period. This is not a good solution at all, it will induce even get smaller breast size. You shall reflect your buds with high nutrition sources containing high protein content, of course select from the good protein source such as egg yolk, soy milk, and unsaturated fat from fish, olive oil etc. Often perform breast exercising daily and shower with cold water by apply water stream over buds circularly in clockwise motion in order to induce your breast get boosting and lifting up again. 



Just only try these simple steps, your breast will return to be fully bloom breast. However, it would take a period of time and you need to be attempt more and continuously to obtain a good outcome.


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