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What Causes sagging of breasts? article

Sagging busts, Droopping busts


Causes of Breasts sagging



Causes of sagging or droopping breasts


1) NO BRA Lover , I know it's more comfortable not wearing bra. Plus Some artical claim wearing  Bra will cos the pressure and line on to skin. Actually,  no bra would cause the connective tissue of your buds work too much and loss in shape then become droop down ahead of time.


Check out the old ladies who always wearing bra.... most of them still own good looking breasts unlike the one who refuse to wear the Bras.. or who loves to wear a round-necked sleeveless collar shirt and no bra…you see…their breasts are very flabby and droop down like sagging bag.


2) Age, as you all known, ou organs get weaker when time has passes.  Our body including the breast tissue also changes. They tend to be more shrink and droop down as of nature.

sagging bust  drooping breasts


3) Pregnancy and Breast-feeding, Motherhood is the best moment of women life, we all agree Breast feeding is not only good for your babies  but also your health.  As we know, milk from mother is the best nutrition food for baby…but…if the mom ignore to taking care of her breast then breast feeding really impact on our bust shape. 


When baby sucking and dragging straight from bust  plus hormone. Mom breast tend to it's size size ramatically. Meaning during before giving birth milk glands  will increase it size makeing to body ready to produce milk, but after the breast feeding period, we will notice that our got smaller size and breast will  sagging down because  skin loose elasticity where the milk glands do not function any more. This stage also leave streach line on the breast.

sagging busts



4) Fast diet, don’t forget that our busts contain of fat tissue and it is hard to get recovery once it has gone. If you get lost your weight, the fat tissues in your buds are burnt off firstly. However, you gain weight back does not mean that the fat tissue can get recover simultaneously. It is just like you lost your weight with bust size but when you gain weight back, your breast size has gone. Moreover, fast reduce of breast size lead to sagging breast skin and shape.


5) Sickness, someone got sickness and lost weight as well. Without exercising, the muscle will be lost as well as the breast muscle.

sagging busts


6) Please be reminded that habitually hooking shoulder is not good, don’t you know?

All working girls, you often keep work hard and focus on only working in front of the computer for a long time. You feel burn out so you hook your shoulder and move down gradually like an old fisherman. You are going to lose a good posture as well as your beautiful blooming breasts. Now, you know that so try to change your sitting behavior. You should sit with your back straight up, fix shoulder and lift up your chest like superstar or beauty queen. No matter you are beautiful or not, but you should be confident then beautiful would be presented itself later on.


Please be noticed and try to avoid these causes if you can. If it is impossible, never mine, we shall take care of our busts by breast exercising and massaging using breast cream to lift up and toning up our bust-booming. The most important key is do never lazy, please be reminded at all time, for our lift up and booming buds.

(see preventing sagging breast methods) 

To get beautiful bust by natural way we recommend 

1) Breast massage with Natural breast cream contains 100% natural ingredients such as wheat germ extract.

เพิ่มหน้าอก              natural bust cream

Breast massage to get bigger boobs by natural / Natural breast enlarge cream  recomended

2) Choose good bra and wear it right way and right size

bigger bust natural bigger busts natural See tips about bra and bust

3) Perform breast excise

bust execiseHow to do breast exercise

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